Universal trading platform

Universal trading platform

Universal trading platform is a software and hardware complex focused on conducting auctions for the purchase and sale through an electronic auction procedure. The modular structure of the trading platform allows you to implement auctions for any models that are relevant today:

  • Auction for the increase – Bidding takes place within the timeframe specified by the customer, while participants place bids on the lot. The winner is the participant who made the highest bid at the end of the auction.
  • Auction for the decrease – the customer sets the maximum price for the lot, which during the auction is also reduced in equal steps to the minimum specified by the customer. The first participant to bid is declared the winner of the auction.
  • Combined auction – an auction that combines several stages with different rules for determining the winner. The bidding procedure can be developed according to the individual preferences of the owner of the trading platform.

The universal trading platform developed by React Logic also implies the possibility of integration with databases of other operators (for example, ProZorro.Sale), thereby providing users with a convenient interface for conducting trades.

Admin panel

The administrative interface of the universal trading platform provides for a wide range of functionalities for managing a web resource, from tools for working with content and ending with analytics systems and user behavioral factors. Moreover, the owner of the marketplace can order in React Logic the development of individual modules for the administrative panel that meet his specific tasks.

Electronic digital signature

The electronic digital signature used on the universal trading platform provides the electronic document flow with legal significance in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Thus, both the owner of the trading platform and its users can resolve transactions with a disputable outcome through the court, having reasonable protection from the legal authority.

SEO and analytics

The structure and code of the universal trading platform are by default optimized for search engines – in fact, in order to bring a web resource to the top 10 search results, the owner of a web resource can fill it with unique texts and purchase a reference mass in a stable manner.

Also, the Google Analytics system is connected to the trading platform, which allows you to track the amount of traffic and user behavior on the web resource. If necessary, “goals” can be set on the active elements of the trading platform, which will read the number of interactions.

Other features

The universal marketplace is developed on the basis of the Yii2 Framework PHP platform, which supports the architecture of building web resources based on MVC principles. Thus, the data storage logic, control logic and user interface in the marketplace are considered separate components, which allows you to make changes to various elements of the system with minimal impact on its overall structure.

Note! According to testing by React Logic, the Yii2 Framework PHP platform shows the highest efficiency in terms of minimum peak memory usage and the ability to process a large number of requests per second among all current analogues.

Also, the Yii2 Framework has built-in integration with the Twitter Bootstrap platform, which provides the marketplace with a responsive layout for the convenience of working with the web service from all mobile devices and browsers.

Finally, an important advantage of the Yii2 Framework is the built-in protection system against CSRF, XSS, SQL injection and other types of attacks. As statistics show, web resources based on the Yii2 Framework, subject to all security recommendations, are practically unbreakable.

To buy a universal trading platform or learn more about it, call +38 (044) 333 70 98 or use the feedback form – React Logic will contact you for a free consultation, clearly demonstrate all the platform’s capabilities and, if necessary, organize a meeting to discuss the prospects for possible cooperation.