Billing systems development

Billing systems development

The web studio React Logic offers billing systems development services for all types of telecommunications enterprises, from Internet providers to digital transit traffic operators. Also, since 2014, the company has developed more than 10 universal billing systems that support the ability to adapt to the needs of a particular enterprise.

What is a billing system?

Billing system is applied software for organizing and supporting business processes of telecom operators of all types of telecommunication services. The basic billing functionality assumes full control of the economic component of the enterprise, from accounting and ending with the issuance of subscriber bills.

Billing systems functionality:

  1. Settlement operations module – settlement operations mean the determination and assessment of consumption, data aggregation, the formation of charges and invoices for consumers (taking into account discounts, taxes, as well as other additional charges and adjustments), the organization of invoice delivery and the management of user accounts.
  2. Financial operations module – Financial services functionality typically covers payment processing, accounts receivable management, and tax data processing.
  3. Information support module – functions of supporting operational information about users, services, tariffs, restrictions, etc. In some cases, the information module is expanded to the level of a full-fledged CRM with support for both corporate and user interfaces.

Note! The implementation of functionality within the development of a billing system can differ significantly both for each type of communication and in different models of interaction with users.

Billing systems workspaces

The work areas of billing systems in their essence are a set of tables and primary documents, among which the following are mandatory:

  1. Tables:
  • contracts;
  • wiring
  • reporting periods
  • used side of accounting;
  • subscriber accounts.
  1. Source documents:
  • leftovers;
  • payments;
  • transactions;
  • accruals;
  • discounts;
  • VAT.

Also, as an auxiliary element, billing systems are supplemented with reference tables, which contain information:

  • types of payments (cash, bank transfer, payment agents, etc.);
  • on the units of measurement of the services used;
  • about the types of posting for primary documents;
  • balance history;
  • on the balance (turnover) for the reporting period.

Note! The above are only the most common work areas for billing systems. In some cases, billing systems are supplemented with individual interfaces and analytics systems that are focused on solving specific tasks of a particular telecom operator.

Billing systems structure

Due to the complex hardware implementation of the networks of various telecommunications operators, the structure of billing systems always has an individual character. So, for example, billing for mobile operators will be radically different from billing for IP-telephony operators, since different equipment and software are used in the implementation of services. However, the figurative structure of all billing systems presupposes the following elements:

  • collectors of data on services and tariffs;
  • subscriber authentication module;
  • core (a set of rules and restrictions for automated operations);
  • multilevel database;
  • authorization module;
  • traffic analysis and tariffication module;
  • access control module;
  • statistical and analytical systems;
  • administrative panel.

Note! As part of the development of billing systems, React Logic practices the use of software platforms (frameworks) with a flexible architecture, in which each of the system elements is a separate component. This allows the system to be modified with minimal disruption to its overall structure, thereby saving time and money.

Billing systems development

To use the billing system development service, please call +38 (050) 888-32-98/(098) 888-32-98 or use the feedback form – the manager will arrange a free consultation for you, calculate the cost of the service and, if necessary, organizes a personal meeting.