Development and implementation of electronic trading platforms

Development and implementation of electronic trading platforms

What is an electronic trading platform?

Electronic trading platform (ETP) – a comprehensive software that allows you to participate in auctions remotely and in real time, making bets through the site or additional software. Unlike the trading platforms and bulletin boards, the price of goods is not set by the seller, but by the buyer – the seller establishes the rules by which the auction takes place.

Features of electronic trading platforms:

  • combination of demand and supply on one web-resource;
  • low transaction costs;
  • direct income from the first buyer (sometimes from the auction organizer);
  • operational aggregation of goods / services in accordance with market trends;
  • simplicity of work with the client base;
  • high level of security.

Note! Among other things, modern electronic trading platforms are accompanied by modules of accounting and electronic signature, which provides legal value to the bidding process.

Why open an electronic trading platform?
  1. Profitable.

First of all, electronic trading platforms are focused on the organization of passive income with minimal labor costs. The owner of the trading system does not need to rent warehouses, look for suppliers and hire a large staff of specialists, it is enough just to buy / develop a web-resource and invest in its promotion.

  1. Available.

The cost of developing an electronic trading platform is much lower than the realization of a full-fledged online store. The users of the trading platform are engaged in filling the site with lots, delivery, registration of contracts and other fine-tuned online trading, while its owner acts as an intermediary.

  1. Actual.

The e-commerce market in Ukraine is only gaining momentum, which gives broad opportunities to young projects that do not have huge advertising budgets. In fact, to make the electronic platform start to make a profit, it is enough to provide it with an intuitive interface and quite extensive functionality for implementing the basic tasks of users.

Electronic trading platforms for ProZorro.Sale system

In addition to the development of the trading system React Logic offers site verification services in the Ukrainian public procurement system ProZorro. Sales. Moreover, the company is obliged to provide technical support for trading platforms in accordance with changes in the ProZorro.Sales system regulations.

React Logic also offers ready-made electronic trading platforms that have been verified in the ProZorro.Sale system. For full-fledged use of the service it is enough just to re-design the site in accordance with the preferences of the customer and investment in advertising.

Basics of the software solution

React Logic, in priority, develops electronic trading platforms based on the Yii2 PHP platform, which provides a flexible architecture for building a web resource. In the Yii2 platform, the user interface, data storage logic and control logic are separate components, hence modifying any elements of the system is carried out with minimal influence on the overall structure of the trading platform, thereby saving on tech service.

In addition, as part of the creation of electronic trading platforms, React Logic specialists practice integration with the Twitter Bootstrap platform, which in turn provides the web resource with adaptive layout for increasing the productivity and convenience of using services on portable devices.

The interface and structure of electronic trading platforms are individually developed for the customer’s tasks and preferences. So, for example, a site of a trading platform can be equipped with special sections of information or functional character, which not only will promote its promotion in search networks, but also will be useful for users.

Why should the development of an electronic trading platform be entrusted to React Logic?
  • The main specification of the company is the development of complex trading systems and e-commerce projects, oriented to the individual needs of the client.
  • In the range of services there are both budget solutions based on templates, and projects with individual models of organizing trades and managing the content of web resources.
  • Since 2014, has developed several projects, which were subsequently certified in the Ukrainian state system of public procurement ProZorro.Sale.
  • React Logic’s web development is based on the principles of agile software development, which involves the reduction of all production processes to a series of short cycles, ensuring a minimum development time and eliminating most of the possible risks.