React Logic Reference Book: Working models of electronic trading platforms

Models of electronic trading platforms differ in the type of interaction of participants in the bidding process. Conditionally, all models of trading platforms can be classified into 3 main categories:

1. Online-directories.

The concept of online catalogs involves ensuring the fastest of buyers’ access to sellers. This is done through a single database of proposals with a competent search system and a lot classifier by characteristic features: characteristics, types, prices, guarantees, etc. Also, in most cases online catalogs are optimized for specific industries (IT, real estate, building materials and so on), but there are also universal sites.

2. Auctions.

A distinctive feature of auctions is the absence of a fixed value. Bidders within the confines of a tender basis determine the price of a lot for themselves, relying on the rules of a particular electronic trading platform. The auction models themselves are also different, but the most popular of them are: auctions for increase, auctions for decrease and combined auctions.

3. Stock exchanges.

The exchanges are oriented to a segment of the market in which the price can change rapidly depending on the ratio of demand and supply. Such a model of trading platforms allows the implementation of transactions in real time and, in general, has the most extensive functionality for interaction between buyers and suppliers.

Note! Also, there is (still not completely established) such a model of electronic trading platforms as “Community”, however it cardinally differs from all of the above. In its structure, the concept of an information portal is laid, within the framework of which the function of concluding transactions between users is provided.

In React Logic you can order an electronic trading platform of any model, whether it is a simple online catalog or an auction for the sale of assets of insolvent banks, which requires accreditation in the ProZorro system. Sales. To learn more about the services of developing trading platforms, go here or use the feedback form. The manager will hold for you a free consultation and, if necessary, organize a personal meeting.


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