How to create an electronic trading platform and not to screw up?

In our time, the IT industry is developing at a tremendous pace and thus contributes to the spread of electronic trading platforms that connect suppliers with customers. Classical online stores are fading into the background, while trading platforms are gradually absorbing the market. They are easy to develop, affordable, and most importantly, very profitable at the expense of the sales commission, partnership programs and advertising tools within its “ecosystem”. Not to mention the scalability of projects and geographic coverage, which are literally unlimited.

To assess the prospects of creating electronic trading platformsit is enough just to look at the dynamics of their brightest representatives: Amazon, Alibaba, ALiexpress, Taobao, JD and other mastodons of the online trade segment. Ukrainian projects also do not stand still. So, for example, the volume of sales of the site every year increases by 2 times and at the same time has good prospects for further growth.

The subtleties of developing electronic trading platforms

First of all, when developing an electronic trading platform, it is important to implement a competent service. The user should be able to quickly find and buy cheap goods of his interest. Accordingly, technological innovation can not be crossed out from the context of creating a web site. For example, the Ukrainian service for buying bus tickets Busfor created and implemented the author’s system GDS, which allows you to instantly find and book tickets for flights of 20 000 routes.

An equally important component for “promising” trading platforms is the availability of an adaptive interface for mobile devices. According to Statista statistics, at the time of 2017, about 39% of purchases were made using smartphones, tablets, etc. It is also expected that by 2020 traffic from portable devices will increase by almost 8 times, which makes adaptive layout an urgent need for a successful project development.

The majority of popular trading platforms are not different neither by a visual design, nor by a procedure for selling trades. Accordingly, any conceptual innovations will attract the target audience. So, for example, bidding on the principle of auction can diversify the “game” component, thereby increasing the involvement of users in the process and increase the average check.

Finally, you shouldn’t forget about the pitch of information in the video format. Characteristics, conditions of cooperation, features of services – all these are much easier and more perceived more convincingly in the video format, when a representative of a company, on the example of illustrations, talks about a particular product.

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