Electronic Trading Platforms from React Logic

React Logic Web-studio offers services for the development of electronic trading platforms for the organization of procurement of state property and assets of insolvent banks through the system ProZorro.Sale. As part of the implementation of projects, the React Logic team is ready to take on the responsibility not only for the creation of the trading system, but also for its subsequent verification in accordance with the ProZorro.Sale regulations.

Principles of the operation of electronic trading platforms

Electronic trading platform is a software and hardware complex intended for holding trades through the electronic auction procedure. The platforms developed by React Logic support two main models of ProZorro.Sale auctions, namely:

  • auction for increase: with each rate the price of a lot is increased, and the winner is the participant who offered the highest price for the lot;
  • auction for decrease consists of three stages:
    • the maximum price of the lot is evenly reduced until the first bet, which determines the winner;
    • other participants of the auction have an opportunity to kill the winner’s offer by making a bet higher, thereby starting the auction for promotion (each new bid extends the stage for 10 minutes);
    • the winner of the first stage is given the opportunity to make a final bet (higher than the one offered at the second stage) that completes the auction.

Note! With the expansion of the ProZorro.Sale system of additional auction models React Logic will provide its electronic trading platforms with timely upgrades and maintenance.

Basics of the software solution

Electronic trading platforms developed by React Logic are built on the basis of the Yii2 PHP platform, which provides high performance, extensive functionality and a multi-level security system. Also, Yii2 assumes a flexible architecture of construction, in which the user interface, storage logic and control logic are separate components. Thus, the modification of any elements of the system is carried out with minimal influence on the overall structure of the trading platform, thereby providing savings for technical service.

Additionally, when creating trading platforms, React Logic specialists practice integration with the Twitter Bootstrap platform, which in turn provides the web resource with adaptive layout for increasing the productivity and convenience of using services on portable devices.

The interface and structure of electronic trading platforms are individually developed for the customer’s tasks and preferences. For example, a website of a trading platform can be equipped with special sections of information or functionality that will not only facilitate its promotion in the search networks, but will also be useful to users.

Note! As part of the development of a trading platform, in addition to works with software and hardware, React Logic performs a set of measures to verify the service in the ProZorro.Sale system. In fact, at the end of the cooperation, the customer is provided with a fully working product that does not need to be modified or serviced.

Integration with third-party systems

The software platform Yii2, on the base of which trading platforms are beign developed, suggests the possibility of integration with third-party systems. This makes it possible to extend the web-resource with additional tools (for example, converters, payment systems, banking systems, etc.).

Information protection and electronic digital signature

Trading systems React Logic allow to provide legally significant trading and electronic document circulation through the use of electronic digital signature in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. At the same time, trading systems have strict access differentiation, support encryption of communication channels and guarantee reliable protection of confidential information.

Administrative functions

The administrative interface of the electronic trading platform provides a wide range of functions for the management of regulatory and reference information, the classification of auction items, as well as working with the information and visual content of the web-resource. Also, if needed, the administrative panel can be supplemented with original tools that are tailored to the specific goals of a customer.

Additional benefits

The program code and the structure of trading platforms developed by React Logic are competently optimized for promotion in Google and Yandex search engines. Thus, in order to occupy a leading position in the search results, it is enough to fill the site with unique texts and purchase the reference mass in a timely manner.

Also, trading platforms from React Logic are pre-connected to such analytical systems as Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics, which allows you to collect statistics (gender, age, location, etc.) and monitor users’ behavioral factors (viewing depth, average session time, etc.).

Learn more about electronic trading platforms

To learn more about the services of developing electronic trading platforms and the specifics of the work of React Logic, please call +38 044 333 70 98 or write to e-mail info@reactlogic.com. The manager will hold a free consultation for you and, if necessary, organizes a meeting.

About the company

React Logic is a Ukrainian developer and integrator of automated information systems in the field of electronic commerce and business management. The company operates on the basis of principles of agile software development involving the reduction of all production processes to a series of short cycles. This approach provides a minimum time for the development of web-resources, excludes most of the possible risks and guarantees the output of a quality product.

Main services:

  • development and integration of electronic trading platforms for the sale of state property and assets of insolvent banks through the ProZorro system;
  • development and integration of systems of mutual relations between the seller and the consumer for automation of repeated business processes, increase of a sales level and reduction of expenses for the human factor;
  • development and integration of procurement management systems and procurement processes of state and municipal orders;
  • development and integration of e-commerce systems focused on content management and analysis of the effectiveness of web resources using the central administrative panel;
  • development of individual designs and creatives that correspond to modern trends and marketing standards.

Note! In addition to the above, React Logic takes orders for the development and maintenance of e-commerce systems of an individual nature, which have no analogues in the market.


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